3 music videos for OMAM, 2019

KIA Commercial, Seoul 30-11-2018

Waterballet Exhibition @ TAC Eindhoven 15-1 /15-2 2-2018

Tunnel at FRAME exhibition during Milaan Design Week.

FRAME Magazine invited me for this project.
I created material inspired on the theme Phyigital.
I made physical movements together with digital video projections.
It tuned out in a 6 channel video/sound projection.
I used oil, paint, sugar, gel, and air refresher from the Albert Heijn.


Pee installation @ Mediamatic

A microcosm that breathes, grows and dances. A barrier reef made out of delicate chemical reactions and muffled sounds.

This piece consists of five separate videos displayed through five different windows on the front of Mediamatic facade in Amsterdam.
What is the difference between Pure Gold and Kamiel’s previous works?
The main material that he used in this video: his urine.
The video supports the five urinals that are aiming to collect urine for fertilizing plants.

Pure Gold, by Kamiel Rongen
Open: 24hrs a day, 7 days a week
Location: Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

Liveset Waterballet

Since 2 years i’m working on my liveset, it contains 25 minutes of underwaterwold with all the colors you can imagine along with soothing ambient melodies and cracked rhythms that suits together.